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The Mission

This is my website, my story, my legacy if I may be so bold. It’s going out into the intertwined web of information that is so easily accessible to (almost) all.

Join me on the journey that took me to so many beautiful, terrifying, majestic, and haunting destinations. Let’s share our stories, discover new places, and truly enjoy the wonders of exploring the world.

Why start On Key Travel?

I have always dreamt of putting my experiences down on something other than the thousands of loose pages crammed into a box that now occupies too much space in my cupboard. Actually, my mother’s cupboard where I’ve been storing my belongings since 2010. The thing with those pages is that only I will ever read them. But there’s so much to tell. I have attempted to share my stories and experiences with my friends and family over the years. To my dismay, I discovered that I am not a captivating storyteller – at least not in person. So, this is my attempt to tell those stories we never seem to have the time for. Maybe my friends and family will read it. Maybe not.

We are all on a journey to self-discovery, and sometimes those closest to you can shed some light on your progress. The sad reality is that very few of us truly discover the “me” in “time.”

Join the Journey…

You can read my blogs, leave comments and share them. Join my surveys to create “The Ultimate Travel” lists.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to leave comments or message me privately.